Thursday, September 10, 2009

Riches do not respond to Wishes

Examined the first hundred people you meet, ask them what they want most in life, and ninety eight of them will not be able to tell you. If you press them for an answer, some will say HAPPINES, other will say FAME AND POWER and still other will say SOCIAL RECOGNITION, EASE IN LIVING but none of them will be able to define these terms or give the clear indication of a PLAN by which they hope to attain these vaguely expressed wishes.

Riches do not respond to Wishes. They respond only to Definite Plans, backed by Definite Desires, through constant PERSISTENCE.


  1. A Definite Purpose backed by Burning Desire for its Fulfillment.
  2. A Definite Plan expressed in Continuous Action.
  3. A Mind Closed tightly Against All Negative and Discouraging Influences.
  4. Make a Friendly Alliance with one or more persons who will Encourage me to Follow through with Both of my Plan and Purpose.
When two or more people coordinate in a Spirit of Harmony and Work toward a Definite Objective, they place themselves in position, through that alliance, to absorb power directly from the great universal storehouse of Infinite Intelligence. This is the Greatest f All Sources of Power.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Looking for small business Opportunity???

Total start up cost US$100K-$150K (Bottling, Wrapping for Cooking Oil production)


- Full return investment fund in 4 to 5 years (principal and Interest)

- Interest for capital used: 5.5%

- Plus equity and profit share to investor 35%

- A management in Management Board

Target / Forecast for $100K project:

- Output/market share (10-25%): 1000MT to 2700MT per year (Year1 to Year6)

- Forecast sale: $1,200K to $3.5M for Year1 to Year6

- Net Profit: $200K to $760K for Year1 to Year6

- Company equity increase from $100K to $2M in year6

- IRR: 65%

- ROI: 268%

I had complete feasibility for the project. The executive summaries and business plans will be released up on True Interested by Serious Investors only.

Please Note no up front fee or cost will pay or be paid during the process.

My contact: kmomhengatgmaildotcom

Tel: 855- 12 85 00 45 or 855- 977 450 451